Our Mission

Canada Ambassador Program Mission

Created and run by the International Sustainability Education Foundation the Canada Ambassador Program will provide an engaging and unique learning experience for all students. The program will connect international students with Canada through partnering with Canadian students, by travelling across the country and by studying Canada through the eye of a lens. Part of the program focuses on creating a documentary on their experience and the country they pass through. In teams of international and Canadian students these documentaries will drive their investigation and understanding of Canada. By using the country from coast to coast as their classroom these students will experience Canada from Sea to Sea and truly understand what this huge country is and stands for. By using the VIA Rail network as a partner and as the main way of travelling throughout Canada the Canada Ambassador Program is connecting with Canada’s history. Much of Canada was created through the use and development of the railway so it is appropriate that VIA Rail Canada is an integral part of our participants experience and indeed part of their classroom for this program.

Mostly though the Canada Ambassador Program is about giving the participants options to explore their own experiences and understanding and to explore education –

  • through the friendships with other students and their perspectives
  • through learning:
    • through visiting universities across the country
    • through studying for a full semester of credit courses
  • through exploring the geography of Canada
  • through exploring the history of Canada
  • through experiences
  • through travel

The Canada Ambassador Program believes that through this exploration and learning our participants will become global leaders.