Trip Route and Description

Canada is a big country and the Canada Ambassador Program goes back to Canada’s roots to show our students how this country is united and was brought together. The train played a historic role in uniting Canada over a hundred years ago and it still links the country from coast to coast.

Our students will travel by train visiting  Parliament buildings, museums, cultural events and of course lots of recreational activities. Students will ski in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and skate on the canal in Ottawa, visit sugar shacks in Quebec, visit a hotel made completely from ice, go on nature hikes and visit historical sites. All of this will bring to our students a deep understanding of Canada as well as be a lot of fun! We will explore the history and the present of Canada and look into the future as we integrate our studies of Canada with an exploration of the country itself.

As the Canada Ambassador Program crosses Canada the students will have a chance to experience many seasonal activities and interesting cultural events. Many of these will be woven into their curriculum structure – learning through skiing and skating!

We will focus on social studies, physical education and learn about governance by visiting the heart of government and legislative buildings including the national Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.

We will go to cultural events and experience the uniquely Canadian activity of visiting a sugar shack where maple sap is boiled down into maple syrup and maple sugar. We will skate on the world’s longest skating rink on the Ottawa Canal and visit a hotel made entirely of ice.

Our international students will experience Canada and be guided through that journey by their fellow student Canadian Ambassadors.