The Canada Ambassador Program is very cost effective. It is much more than just a language school and much more than just a Public School experience. It combines the best of those with:

  • Two week intensive ESL training to start at resort in Parksville BC

  • Registration and fees to School District 69, British Columbia

  • Dedicated teacher from School District 69 for the entire experience

  • Full Semester of credit courses with the BC public School System

  • 3 full time staff with the students every step of the way.

  • A two month luxury train trip across Canada

  • In-depth visits to over 20 Canadian Universities

  • Multiple exploration options across Canada

  • Skiing and other recreational options – skating, hiking, paddling, swimming

  • Cultural experiences – museums, galleries, sporting events etc.

  • Film festival at end of session of videos the students create as part of their coursework

  • ESL classes and constant ESL support – ESL teacher travels with the students

  • Great hotels

  • Great food

  • And most importantly a one to one connection with Canadian students – each international student is partnered with a Canadian student – their ‘Ambassador’ for the entire experience.

The Canada Ambassador Program combines everything listed above plus gives deep understanding of Canada; the culture, the language, the landscape, the educational option and the country.

The Canada Ambassador Program is offered at a comparable cost to doing intensive ESL courses in Vancouver or Toronto once housing, food and activities are included.

Run by the International Sustainability Education Foundation in partnership with School District 69 and VIA Rail the Canada Ambassador Program is a non-profit organisation which ensures that all student fees go directly to enhance the student experience.

For just over $8000/month our students experience the best that Canada has to offer while exploring Canadian Education and Canada.

All fees must be paid in full 60 days before the semester commences – Nov 15, 2014 for the January 11, 2015 start date.

For the Canada Ambassador program starting January 11, 2015 we have received a bursary for $2500/international Student which reduces the full fees from $34,999 ($8750/month) to $32,500.

January 2015 departure fees: Full fees – $8125/ month – payable in full on acceptance into the course – total $32,500.

Includes non-refundable application and processing fee of $400

No fees are refundable after two weeks prior to program start date (Dec. 26.) 70% is refundable one month before program start date (Dec 11, 2014)

What is not included:

Visa processing fees, travel to and from Parksville, British Columbia at start and end of the Canada Ambassador Program and medical insurance (available through the Public School system )