The Canada Ambassador Program's has a full curriculum and results in a full semester of credit from Public School District No 69 Qualicum, British Columbia.

The academic program of study offers BC Grade 11 and 12 credits in elective and Inquiry-based courses, including core academic options:

  1.  Recreation & Physical Education

    (1 course for 4 credits) – Prior to beginning the journey, students will complete Worldhost Training, Level 1 First Aid and CPR training. During the trip, students will find themselves in many unique Canadian environments where they can participate in physical activity and recreation. Examples include skiing, skating, snowshoeing, curling, dog-sledding and many other Canadian winter indoor and outdoor pursuits.

  2. Humanities and Language Arts

    (2 courses for 8 credits) – Humanities, focussing Social Studies 11 learning outcomes, to see and experience, first-hand, the cultural, historical and political diversity of the many cities, towns and areas visited across Canada, all from the unique viewpoint and history of the national railway that spans this vast nation. Language Arts, focussing on Writing 12 outcomes, to share the experiences through the medium of online blogging.

  3. Career Explorations and Grad Transitions

    (1 course for 4 credits & Grad Transitions) – An inquiry-based course, stemming from the participant’s questions and needs for their post-secondary aspirations. Students will visit over 20 post-secondary institutions in their journey across Canada.

  4. Video and Media Arts

    (1 course for 4 credits) – Fulfills the BC Fine Arts or Applied Skills graduation requirements. Students will participate in groups to capture and produce video montages of their experience, ultimately combining and editing their raw video into a group  production, upon return to BC, during the final month of the program.

  5. Additional Core Learning 

    – Although not required, courses can be taken through the Qualicum District online learning program. Students can have an option to complete one of the required BC Grade 11/12 core courses in the BC Graduation Program, in such areas as English, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies during the trip.


In addition to the academics listed above the curriculum for the Canada Ambassador Program includes the following:

  • Two week intensive ESL training to start at resort in Parksville BC
  • Registration and fees to School District 69, British Columbia
  • Dedicated teacher from School District 69 for the entire experience
  • Full Semester of credit courses with the BC public School System
  • 3 full time staff with the students every step of the way.
  • A two month luxury train trip across Canada
  • In-depth visits to over 20 Canadian Universities
  • Multiple exploration options across Canada
  • Skiing and other recreational options – skating, hiking, paddling, swimming
  • Cultural experiences – museums, galleries, sporting events etc.
  • Film festival at end of session of videos the students create as part of their coursework
  • ESL classes and constant ESL support – ESL teacher travels with the students
  • Great hotels
  • Great food
  • And most importantly a one to one connection with Canadian students – each international student is partnered with a Canadian student – their ‘Ambassador’ for the entire experience.

The Canada Ambassador Program combines everything listed above plus gives deep understanding of Canada; the culture, the language, the landscape, the educational option and the country.